Strengthening INPM’s Foundation


The INPM Leadership Team starts 2017 with a high level of enthusiasm as well as a sense of pride for what we have been able to accomplish these past months—with and for our dedicated members, and the communities we all serve. As a testament of our common effort and achievement, please read INPM Members’ 2016 Publications and Professional Activities.

blogpost from: Postitive Living newsletter of the INPM

Luis A. Marrero, MA, RODP, LLP

An additional testimony of members having a positive impact is found in Luis Gutierrez Aladro’s member profile. Luis is Vice-President for Undergraduate Programs at Tecmilenio University in Mexico, an educational institution that has made positive psychology, meaning and purpose central to its educational programs. Please learn about Luis and Tecmilenio University, and give Luis a warm welcome to the INPM.


While we are optimistic about what we can do this 2017, and proud of our collective successes and progress the previous year, there are sobering signs of concern on the horizon. Dr. Paul Wong President’s Report, The Varieties of Self-Transcendence: The Good and Bad, is a stark reminder for leaders—at all levels and spheres—to consider their operating assumptions and values concerning fellow human beings. I found Dr. Wong’s article sobering, and his proposed practical solutions inspiring. Please do not miss reading this important paper and leveraging its message to help others.


Also offering solutions, Dr. Joel Vos, from the Department of Psychology at the University of Roehampton, London (UK), emphasizes the importance of building bridges between the communities that work with meaning. He shares in his article, Joining Forces in Practice and Research, “We could create a joint statement on the state of the art of our field. Such a statement could describe the…empirical evidence for the clinical and aetiological foundations, beneficial therapeutic skills, general effectiveness and applications in different populations.” I hope and encourage that we embrace Dr. Vos’ proposal to have INPM play a front-and-center role building collaborative bridges across disciplines, geographies, and cultures.


Finally, to continue this great work, let’s meet Dr. Vos and other distinguished speakers and colleagues in London (UK) for the International Meaning Conference from June 30 to July 2, 2017. For more details about the Conference please see​ and review the Conference’s poster included on this edition. See you in London, England!


Luis A. Marrero

Editor, Positive Living Newsletter